Fleshlight Quickshot Boost Review

A compact, open-ended version of the world’s most popular male masturbator – the Fleshlight.

Fleshlight Quickshot Boost Compact

Fleshlight Boost Compact>>Shop for the Fleshlight Boost Compact at LoveHoney<<

Fleshlight arguably made their name by creating the world’s first high quality portable and discreet male masturbator. Now they’ve set out to make something that’s even more convenient to take on weekend hotel trips. The Fleshlight Quickshot Boost is a highly compact variation on their brand, with an open-ended design meaning it’s a breeze to clean, while retaining the famous style casing.

The highly textured, ridged and nodule covered inner sleeve is as complex and satisfying as anything Fleshlight have produced. The texture design is asymetrical, so you get something of a different experience depending on which end you slide over your penis first.

That said, the very compact nature of the masturbator means it wont cover the length of your penis, so not so suitable for hands free penetrative masturbation.

Pros of the Fleshlight Quickshot Boost

  • The most compact and discreet Fleshlight yet!
  • Wonderfully easy to clean
  • Intricately nubbed and ridged inner sleeve chambers
  • The price – $39 for a Fleshlight!

Cons of the Fleshlight Quickshot Boost

  • Short in length
  • Final Review Verdict and Rating

    Fleshlight have produced the ultimate compact and discreet travel handy male masturbator. 4/5

    four out of five

    Mantric P-Spot Probe Vibrator Review

    An exicting and stylish new proste vibrator from Mantric, the P-Spot Probe is ergonomically designed with the intention of smoothly slipping into your body and hitting the sweet p-spot.

    Mantric P-Spot Rechargeable Probe Vibrator

    Mantric prostate vibrator>>Shop for the Mantric P-Spot Probe at LoveHoney<<

    Mantric are a sex toy brand fast earning a reputation for making stylish, high quality, and innovative male sex toys. This prostate vibrator shows they can hit the mark in that highly competitive category too.

    The P-Spot probe is a powerful vibrating prostate toy with 7 modes that deliver highly intense waves of pleasure from the stylish and smooth angled matte black silicone shaft.

    The handle not only has ridges for added pleasure, it features a LED dsiplay to let you know which mode you are on.

    Features a travellock so it doesn’t go off through customs.

    The Pros of the Mantric P-Spot Probe

    • Stylish, powerful, innovative, and affordable
    • LED display, rechargeable, waterproof, has a travel lock

    Final Review Verdict and Rating

    One of the most stylish, innovative, and knee tremblingly powerful prostate vibrators in this price range. The perfect prostate toy for beginners, and a joy for more advanced users too. 5/5

    5 out of 5 score

    Autoblow 2 Review

    The Autoblow was marketed as the world’s first blowjob machine. The second version made some major changes. Is it still the best automatic blowjob toy for men?

    Autoblow 2 Blowjob Machine for Men

    Autoblow 2

    >>Shop for the Autoblow 2 at RoboticBlowjob<<

    The Autoblow was one of the most famous male sex toys of recent years, looking to give even the Fleshlight a run for its money as the most popular masturbator. It was billed as automatic blowjob machine. Many customers raved about it online, for others it didn’t hit the mark at all. This second version attempts to redress some of the faults with the original Autoblow.

    The biggest change is that it’s much easier to clean now it has insertable sleeves that can be swapped around. The device also comes in 3 different sizes, making it much more likely you’re going to get a good feel with the sleeve wrapped around your cock.

    It’s still a little noisy, but it’s a big improvement over the first Autoblow.

    Pros of the Autoblow 2

    • Insertable sleeves for variety and ease of cleaning
    • Still a good toy for sexy toy fans of blowjobs

    Cons of the Autoblow 2

    • Still noisy

    Final Review Verdict and Rating

    The Autoblow 2 makes some welcome improvements over the original, and there still isn’t a better automatic blowjob machine in this price range. 4/5

    four out of five

    Tenga Flip Hole Review

    The original Flip Hole from Tenga revolutionized the world of male sex toys and several years later it still ranks as one of the top male masturbators.

    The Tenga Flip Hole Male Masturbator

    Tenga Flip Hole White>>Shop for the Tenga Flip Hole at Love Honey<<

    The Tenga Flip Hole from Japan set a new standard for male masturbation toys. Not only was the sleeve canal more intricately designed, and richly nubbed and textured, than ever before, but it came with other revolutionary features such as a case that also doubled as a drying stand, and buttons on the side of the case that allowed the user to alter the vacuum pressure inside the sleeve.

    Rather than simply try to produce another fake vagina type masturbator, the Tenga Flip Hole showed that the pleasure of male masturbation could be enhanced in its own right, rather than simply trying to mimic sexual penetration.

    Tenga have released several variations on the Flip Hole but the original has stood the test of time and is still a reccommended must buy for male sex toy fans.

    Pros of the Tenga Flip Hole

    • Incredibly intricate and stimulating inner canal sleeve.
    • Revolutionary use of vacuum pressure to control and vary sensations.
    • Case doubles as a drying stand after cleaning!

    Cons of the Tenga Flip Hole

  • The delicious texture of the sleeve has been known to tear after repeated use.
  • You can’t really fuck the toy, if you require that in a masturbator.
  • Final Review Rating for the Tenga Flip Hole

    The Tenga Flip Hole still stands as one of the best male masturbators even after half a decade since it first appeared. At only $89 it’s one of the cheaper ‘luxury masturbators’ and yet still delivers more bang for the buck than just about any other male sex toy. 5/5

    5 out of 5 score

    Super Head Honcho Review

    The Head Honch remains my favourite cheap masturbator, and in the latest version it got a one inch increase in size.

    Sue Johanson Super Head Honcho

    Super Head Honcho>>Shop for the Super Head Honcho at LoveHoney<<

    The original Head Honcho was rightly acclaimed as the best cheap masturbator you could buy. Not only was it in the cheapest category, but it was as intricately textured (with suction chambers!) as a high end Tenga or Fleshlight. It also consisted of a rubbery, super stretchy material that simply felt great.

    In response to public demand, Sue Johanson released this upgraded version, which quickly became even more popular with male sex toy users and reviwers as the original. Only $5 or so more expensive, and with an extra inch in length. Now with three suction chambers that will accomodate nearly every man, there is no better male masturbator out there at under $25.

    Pros of the Super Head Honcho

    • Real feel material that is stretchy and snug, and feels great!
    • Three suction chambers with stimulating nubes
    • Open ended for easy cleaning
    • The best value male sex toy at this price!

    Cons of the Super Head Honcho

    • Nothing

    Final Review Verdict and Rating

    The Super Head Honcho is the best value male masturbator on the planet. An advanced yet simple male masturbator that does the job for half the price of most of its rivals! 5/5

    5 out of 5 score

    Cobra Libre 2 Review

    The Cobra Libre 2 is the upgraded version of the fantastic male vibrator, and builds upon the revolutionary original.

    The Cobra Libra 2 Male Vibrator

    Cobra Libre 2

    >>Shop for the Cobra Libre 2 at LoveHoney<<

    Several years ago, the original Cobra Libre shocked the male sex toy world with a revolutionary new concept. This was a unique and stylish looking masturbator for men that didn’t try to replicate sex or the feel of a pussy, but rather to stimulate the most sensitive erotic parts of the male sexual organ using powerful vibrations.

    The first Cobra Libre was a huge sucess, and I’m glad to say that this upgraded version that doesn’t change much from the original, simply adding a few tweaks, such as switching from touchpads to buttons, and adding a little in terms of motor power. So it’s not only even easier to use, it’s more powerful too.

    Pros of the Cobra Libre 2

    • Powerful, easily controllable male vibrator
    • Unique, discreet, and portable design
    • Perhaps the quietist of any male vibrator
    • Improves on the original in the right ways

    Cons of the Cobra Libre 2

    • Nothing. If you like male vibrators, you’ll love this toy

    Final Review Rating for the Cobra Libre 2

    One of the best male sex toys of recent years, with an original and effective design, this second version doesn’t change anything radically but improves the ease of use. A must buy if you are a fan of vibrators for men. 5/5

    Mantric Vibrating Male Masturbator Review

    Another exciting new addition to the variety of male masturbators appearing these days – a vibrating textured male stroker.

    Mantric Vibrating Head Male Masturbator

    Mantric Vibrating Masturbator>>Shop for the Mantric at LoveHoney<<

    It’s always exciting when a new male sex toy appears that attempts to break the mould. There have been a lot of male vibrators appearing over the last few years, but the Mantric offers something new, as it consists of a textured sleeve that engulfs not only the penis head but quite a bit of the shaft too.

    Of course, there have been many vibrating male sleeves in the past, but usually they consist simply of a bullet vibrator encased in a side of the sleeve. The Mantric is a much more advanced vibrator, with the entire circumfrance and length vibrating at six different speed and intensity settings.

    The toy is waterproof and fully recharegeable, with a single charge lasting a good 100 minutes of play. Easy to clean too.

    Pros of the Mantric Vibrating Masturbator

    • Ingenious design unlike most other male vibrators
    • Powerful vibrations with good variety of modes
    • Great prices for such a quality product
    • Easy to clean

    Cons of the Mantric Vibrating Masturbator

    • Hole might be tight for some
    • Not the quietist male vibrator

    Final Review Rating for the Mantric Masturbator

    An ingenious new male vibrator that male sex toy fans have raved about. A pleasingly reasonable price too for a high quality product. It’s not perfect, but for the novel design and satisfaction it gives, I’ll award it a 5/5

    5 out of 5 score

    Fleshlight Flight Review

    The famous Fleshlight male masturbator got a major upgrade last year with the ‘Flight’, turning the long established most popular male sex toy into arguably the best male masturbator in the world.

    Fleshlight Flight Male Masturbation Sleeve

    Fleshlight Flight

    >>Shop for the Fleshlight Flight at LoveHoney<<

    A beautiful stroker encased in a lightweight portable case, the Flight is the most advanced masturbator yet from the Fleshlight brand.

    You can use the sleeve left in the case, or take it out.  One of the most innovative features of the Fleshlight Flight is the base at the bottom of the casing, which increases the suction level of the sleeve when turned.

    Astonishingly nuanced nubbs and ribs suck you into the inner sleeve and then tease and stimulate like few male sex toys before.

    After you’ve climaxed at the end of an exquisite session of masturbation, simply pull out the sleeve from the case and wash.

    Pros of the Fleshlight Flight

    • A superb upgrade for the world’s most popular male sex toy
    • Fantastic stimulation intelligently designed to run the length of the shaft
    • A softer transparent sleeve replaces the Fleshlights of old
    • Innovative use of cap to allow control of sleeve suction

    Cons of the Fleshlight Light

    • Lubbed up, can make noisy squelchy sounds, but this might be a turn on for some!

    Final Review Rating of the Fleshlight Flight

    A superb upgrade of the famous Fleshlight masturbator. Softer material, transparent, easier to clean, incredibly textured sleeve, and with the ability to change the suction level with the turn of the cap.

    5 out of 5 score

    Apollo Hydro Power Stroker Review

    A vibrating hands free male masturbator that mounts on an adjustable base with suction cup.

    Apollo Hydro Power Stroker Vibrating Masturbator

    >>Shop for the Apollo Hydro at LoveHoney<<

    A vibrating masturbator that engulfs the entire penis length, mounted on a poseable suction cup base (detachable) for the perfect hands free experience.

    The masturbation sleeve itself is removable from the case.

    No less than 30 different vibration settings, and with a memory which allows you to resume a session where you left off. However, although the memory chip saves your previous settings, there is no way of scrolling back to your favourite.

    Despite the huge variety of modes, they are powered quite simply via two buttons.

    Pros of the Apollo Hydro Power Stroker

    • Hands free fun, even in the shower
    • So many modes, yet easy two button operation
    • 100% waterproof

    Cons of the Apollo Hydro Power Stroker

    • Noisy
    • Shame the memory chip doesn’t allow ‘favourite modes’

    Final Review Verdict and Rating

    So close to being the perfect hands free vibrating male masturbator, and possibly is if you don’t mind noise. 4/5

    four out of five