The Handy Review

Advanced automatic male masturbator that also synchs with VR porn and for remote sex.

The Handy The Handy is one of the most well received new male sex toys of the last couple of years. Particularly well reviewed for its performance as a VR porn toy, the Handy is also a highly rated and satisfying automatic male masturbator for straightforward solo masturbation. The advanced haptic technology also allows for sex with webcam girls or other remote sex partners.

The first thing that sets apart the Handy from most of its rivals, is the variety of settings you can play around with for an almost endless variety of fun. The toy delivers from 0-10 strokes per second, and varieties of up to 4.5″ (11cm) each stroke, with a diameter of the sleeve from 0.5-3″ (1-7cm).

Secondly, you can use ‘scripts’ to pre-program a masturbation session. What’s really exciting about this is that these scripts can be synched with any porn videos including virtual reality porn. You can download scripts (free or purchased) for thousands of videos, both 2D and VR. Or you can create your own scripts to synch with your favorite videos, or for simply a pre-determined masturbation session.

The Handy is a Norwegian produced male sex toy, with the sleek and style look and feel you’d expect from a Scandinavian designed masturbator. The actual masturbation sleeve is attached to the main body of the toy, which means that it’s probably the easiest high-tech male sex toy to clean.

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Pros of The Handy Male Masturbator

  • Advanced haptic tech for the best interactive and VR porn toy
  • Superior design from a Scandinavian company
  • Even as a standard automatic masturbator provides endless variety
  • Can be synched to any porn video, both 2D and virtual reality
  • Use with VR porn has been claimed to be close to and even better than real sex
  • Very simple to clean
  • Final Review Rating and Verdict

    An exciting new haptic masturbator that takes the VR porn experience to a whole new level. The best masturbator for synching with any kind of porn, it’s also one of the best male sex toys for versatile solo masturbation.

    5 out of 5 score

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Pro Tech THRUST Review

An ambitious thrusting male masturbator that unfortunately doesn’t hit the mark for most.

THRUST Pro Tech Thrusting Fantasy Male Masturbator

THRUST Pro Tech Thrusting Masturbator

There are lot’s of thrusting type automatic male masturbators appearing from China, but this is a new one that’s produced or at least branded in the West by ‘Pro Tech’. These type of automatic masturbators where the sleeve slides up and down your penis are usually marketed as blowjob machines, but increasingly they are simply described as ‘thrusting’, with the idea that they are realistic vaginas and they simulate (presumably) a girl riding up and down your cock.

An intriguing extra feature is that the toy produces ‘responsive moans of pleasure’ while you are using it.

The Pro Tech Thrust looks and feels ergonomic and stylish, with a simple button system to operate the two speed thrusts and two different patterns of thrust. Like most of these automatic strokers, it has a transparent case so that you can see the thrusting motion in action, as well as feel it.

But it’s in the all-important ‘feeling’ part where this masturbator unfortunately falls down, at least for the majority of users. Some customers have complained that they can’t even feel the thrusting motion and that the toy is a complete waste of money. A common complaint from men of even slightly above average sized penis is that the canal is very small and when fully filled, reduces the thrusting effect to almost unnoticeable.

However, some have had entirely different experienced and loved the thrusting sensations, which they found to be powerful, as well as being at appropriate speeds. Most seem to agree also that the toy is easy to clean, an aspect that some automatic masturbators fall down in.

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Pros of the Pro Tech THRUST

  • Easy to use two speed and two pattern thrusting automatic stroker
  • Easy to clean
  • Fully rechargeable
  • Comes with moaning pleasure sound effects

Final Review Rating and Verdict

A quite expensive automatic stroker that has too many dissatisfied customers to recommend it, particularly to men of above average penis size. There are many very similar automatic stroking toys like this that can be bought for cheaper prices at Best Vibe.


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