Vibrating Automatic Suck Toy Review

Fantastic new value for money yet sophisticated and innovative automatic vibrating sucking toy.

FondLove Vibrating Automatic Male Sucking Toy

FondLove Automatic Sucking Vibrator Toy For Men

A revolutionary new automatic blowjob suck toy that delivers both in features and price. Slide your cock in and then choose how you want to be sucked off – there are three different sucking modes to choose from here, each can be paired with one of NINE different vibration settings.

For a blowjob toy that costs less than $50, this is quite an incredibly ambitious and novel device. Powered by a dual motor, the vibrations are powerful and varied, but the standout feature is the automatic sucking modes, all generated via what is claimed to be a new and unique approach to mimicking a blowjob through a masturbator – ‘pump breathing technology’.

Essentially, air is pumped through a tiny hole which creates a believable sucking effect on your penis. In addition to that, this crazy toy also has a self-heating feature which raises the temperature of the inside to match that of a girl’s mouth!

Made of smooth silicone, the toy both looks and feels great.

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Pros Of The Automatic Vibrating Male Suck Toy

  • Incredibly sophisticated and powerful for the price (under $50)!
  • A new suction technology produces ultra-real blowjobs
  • Nine vibrations and 3 sucking modes
  • Easy to handle and simple to use
  • Self-heating to resemble the environment of a woman’s mouth!

Final Review Rating for the Vibrating Male Suck Toy

Innovative, sophisticated, radical, and effective – and yet this exciting new vibrating blowjob toy is only $45!

5 out of 5 score

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LG-115C Male Masturbation Cup Review

An automatic blowjob machine and male vibrator in one!

LG-115C Vibrating Blowjob Male Massager

10 speed blowjob vibrating toy for menThe LG-115C, also known simply as ‘Male Masturbation Cup’, is a very cheaply priced vibrating blowjob toy that promises to provide a very powerful bang for the buck. Namely, it claims to be more than simply a vibrating blowjob toy, but a vibrating automatic sucking toy. Does it deliver?

The LC-115C boasts 10 different settings, with five for the sucking/blowjob aspect, and five for the vibrations. Each setting does feel distinct, and it’s certainly possible to have a very varied masturbation session with this toy, starting with some soft vibrations and/or gentle ‘sucks’, and ending with the thing on full power and guaranteed to drain your balls of all available content.

The sucking motion isn’t bad, but don’t expect a huge effect. The motors in the toy do actually visibly propel the masturbation sleeve up and down your cock (a little). I would say the sucking effect is similar to the much more famous and expensive Autoblow, but with the advantage of it being a lot quieter, and of course with a vibration feature. And to be honest, it’s the male vibrator aspect of this toy that works the best. In fact, it worked so well for me, I would rate this toy as the best value male vibrator on the market currently, even without the ‘blowjob’ function, which really should be seen as an added feature.

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Pros Of The LG-115C

  • A powerful and quiet male vibrator, astonishing value under $40
  • Automatic sucking feature as effective as blowjob toys twice the price
  • Ten different settings for a great and varied masturbation fun
  • Nicely packaged and received within day from BestVibe

Final Review Rating for the LG-115C Vibrating Blowjob Toy

A powerful, yet quiet vibrating male masturbator at a very reasonable price, especially given it is also a (fairly) effective blowjob machine too!

5 out of 5 score

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Sasha Grey Fake Pussy Review

The hot pussy of one of the adult world’s most famous and desirable performers is now yours and yours to fuck and fuck again, when you own her replica textured vagina.

Sasha Grey Main Squeeze Textured Vagina

Sasha Grey vagina masturbator

One of the most famous pornstars in the world again offers her sweet pussy for sale, with another branded masturbator that claims to let you get inside Sasha Grey like never before. The most interesting feature of this toy is the screw cap suction pressure adjuster at the end of the masturbator. Of course, this has been tried on other notable sex toys of late too, including the Fleshlight, and has been proven to be popular, but it works particularly well here.

The actual inner sleeve appears to have been well designed to combine with the suction pressure too, with a large tapered chamber to maximize the effect. It’s also easy to use, with a squeezable grip making it a breeze to alter the suction level even mid-stroke.

It looks stylish and as high quality as it feels, so not a cheap Fleshlight immitator at all but rather a worthy alternative (or complement) worthy of considering, especially at the price – $59 – which is $10-20 cheaper than most Fleshlights.

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Pros of the Sasha Grey Main Squeeze

  • Made to look and feel just like the pussy of the famous Sasha Grey
  • Airtight end cap allows you to adjust suction pressure
  • Squeezable grip makes it easy to adjust tightness
  • High quality affordable alternative to Fleshlight
  • Very easy to clean

Final Review Rating for the Sasha Grey Main Squeeze Masturbator

If you’re looking for a high quality novel alternative to a Fleshlight, then this Sasha Grey branded masturbator might be worth looking at. Popular with customers, it is remarkably easy to adjust tightness during use, even with each stroke, thanks to the screw cap adjusted suction feature.

five out of five

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