Top 10 Male Masturbators 2020

Best Masturbation Toys For Men November 2020

According to personal experience, customer reviews, and independent review sites.

1 # Lovense Max 2 ($199) – Remote Sex Male Masturbator

Lovense Max2

Experience true virtual sex with this state of the art haptic masturbator. With the Lovense Max 2, you can have virtual sex with thousands of different webcam girls at nearly all of the top live chat sites including Chaturbate. A brilliant sex toy even as a solo male masturbator too.

2 # Onyx+ ($219) – The Incredible Virtual Sex Toy From Kiiroo

onyx_plus_728x90 banner

The latest version of the famous virtual sex toy and advanced male masturbator from Kiiroo. Experience true virtual sex with thousands of virtual reality porn videos, as well as 2D porn as well.

3 # Tenga Flip Orb ($79) – The Most Intense Tenga Flip Sex Toy Yet

Tenga Flip Orb banner

The latest and best value version of the incredible Japanese male masturbator. Ten hard orbs placed inside the squishy textured sleeve for even more intense and incredible sensations.

4 # Blowmotion ($74 – $129) – Premium Male Vibrators

Blowmotion range of male masturbators

An exciting new range of oral sex themed male masturbators, that vary from an automatic cock sucking masturbator, to a powerful male vibrator. Our current favorite is the pulsating edition, which not only vibrates in 6 different modes, but sends powerful pulses along your penis too!

5 # Fun Factory Manta ($139) – Ingenious Vibrating Male Stroker

Fun Factory Manta banner

An ingenious luxury male vibrator that makes holding and applying such a toy easier than ever.

6 # Tenga Zero Flip Hole Vibrating ($249) – The Flip Hole Vibrates

Tenga Vibrating Flip Hole banner

How do you make arguably the best male sex toy ever even better? By turning it into a vibrating male masturbator!

7 # Autoblow AI ($249) – World’s First AI Male Sex Toy

Autoblow AI banner

The famous blowjob machine now uses AI and deep learning!

8 # Hot Octopus Pulse 3 ($149) – Advanced Male Vibrator

Hot Octopuss Solo Lux banner

A revolutionary and advanced remote control male vibrator that also works as a state of the art couple’s sex toy.

9 # Cobra Libre 2 ($129) – The Original Male Vibrator

Cobra Libre 2 banner

Innovative vibrator for men that has spawned a host of imitators, but still remains one of the best – and most stylish!

10 # Lovehoney Ignite ($29) – Best Value Male Vibrator

Lovehoney Ignite banner

Great value male vibrator with 3 speeds and 17 functions.

The Best Of The Rest Male Masturbators

11 # Super Head Honcho ($24) – Best Cheap Masturbation Sleeve

Super Head Honcho banner

This old favorite is still arguably the best cheap male masturbator you can buy.

Blowmotion Pulsating Masturbator Review

An exciting new male vibrator that delivers magnet-powered pulsations into the tip of your penis.

Blowmotion Warming Pulsating Male Masturbator

Blowmotion Warming Pulsating Masturbator This is one of a new range of ‘blowjob’ style automatic masturbators branded under the label ‘blowmotion’. All of the toys have been extremely well received, none more than this one – the Blowmotion Pulsating Masturbator. However, in the case of this toy, the aim is not so much to imitate a blowjob, but more of a male vibrator stimulation. What is more, the resulting exquisite sensations are produced not only by 6 different vibration modes, but also by magnet powered pulsations.

Another feature that sets this toy apart is that it has a rather wide canal, and you squeeze to exert pressure. The toy also warms up with every pulse fired.

But it’s the pulsating feature of this Blowmotion toy that is really revolutionary. Although not the first pulsing masturbator, customers seem to agree that it really does hit the mark here, perhaps like never before. You can enjoy the pulses without the vibrations, and they are indeed powerful and stimulating enough to use on their own. When you are ready to climax, hold down the pulse button for 2 seconds and the Blowmotion will deliver its highest intensity pulses to guarantee an otherworldly orgasm.

Shop for The Blowmotion at Lovehoney

Pros of The Blowmotion Pulsating

  • Pulsation sensations that have never worked better than this
  • Squeezable, vibrating, warming
  • Climax button increases intensity as you are about to ejaculate
  • A premium and cutting edge male sex toy for under $100

Final Review Rating and Verdict

Blowmotion is an exciting new range of cutting edge male masturbators, and this ‘pulsating’ edition might be the most revolutionary of them all. If you are looking for more of a blowjob imitation experience, then one of the other masturbators in their range would be better, but if you want the latest in vibrating/pulsing male sex toys, then this is probably the most innovative and recommended one to buy of 2020.

5 out of 5 score

Shop for The Blowmotion at Lovehoney

The Hydrobator Review

A unique vibrating male masturbator that uses water to enhance the stimulation.

The Hydrobator Shower Sex Toy For Men

The Hydrobator

Many male sex toys are waterproof for use in the bath or shower, and occasionally you’ll see a masturbator with a special suction cup that allows you fix it on to the shower wall. But the Hydrobator is in a different category of shower sex toy altogether. It’s the first male masturbator we know of to actually use water as part of the experience. Designed in such a way as to allow running water to pass through the sleeve of the toy, for a unique and exquisite enhancement of the effects from the vibrations and stroking of the toy.

The Hydrobator has another unique design element to it. Rather than holding the sleeve to stroke your penis up and down, it has a handle for you to grip with, complete with buttons to control the vibrations.

This extremely novel male masturbator has 7 vibration functions, together with 3 different stroking speeds.

Shop for The Hydrobator at Vibrators Store

Pros of The Hydrobator

  • Unique water aided vibrating automatic male stroker
  • Novel handle grip design
  • 7 vibration modes and 3 suction speeds
  • USB rechargeable
  • Comes with free silicone cock rings

Final Review Rating and Verdict

The Hydrobator is one of the most ingenious new male masturbators of 2020. Cleverly designed, it feels different to any other sex toy, both in the way of handling it, and the extraordinary sensations the water produces combined with the powerful vibrating and stroking motions. The ultimate shower sex toy for men.

four out of five

Shop for The Hydrobator at Vibrators Store

Pro Tech THRUST Review

An ambitious thrusting male masturbator that unfortunately doesn’t hit the mark for most.

THRUST Pro Tech Thrusting Fantasy Male Masturbator

THRUST Pro Tech Thrusting Masturbator

There are lot’s of thrusting type automatic male masturbators appearing from China, but this is a new one that’s produced or at least branded in the West by ‘Pro Tech’. These type of automatic masturbators where the sleeve slides up and down your penis are usually marketed as blowjob machines, but increasingly they are simply described as ‘thrusting’, with the idea that they are realistic vaginas and they simulate (presumably) a girl riding up and down your cock.

An intriguing extra feature is that the toy produces ‘responsive moans of pleasure’ while you are using it.

The Pro Tech Thrust looks and feels ergonomic and stylish, with a simple button system to operate the two speed thrusts and two different patterns of thrust. Like most of these automatic strokers, it has a transparent case so that you can see the thrusting motion in action, as well as feel it.

But it’s in the all-important ‘feeling’ part where this masturbator unfortunately falls down, at least for the majority of users. Some customers have complained that they can’t even feel the thrusting motion and that the toy is a complete waste of money. A common complaint from men of even slightly above average sized penis is that the canal is very small and when fully filled, reduces the thrusting effect to almost unnoticeable.

However, some have had entirely different experienced and loved the thrusting sensations, which they found to be powerful, as well as being at appropriate speeds. Most seem to agree also that the toy is easy to clean, an aspect that some automatic masturbators fall down in.

Shop for the Pro Tech THRUST at Lovehoney

Pros of the Pro Tech THRUST

  • Easy to use two speed and two pattern thrusting automatic stroker
  • Easy to clean
  • Fully rechargeable
  • Comes with moaning pleasure sound effects

Final Review Rating and Verdict

A quite expensive automatic stroker that has too many dissatisfied customers to recommend it, particularly to men of above average penis size. There are many very similar automatic stroking toys like this that can be bought for cheaper prices at Best Vibe.


Shop for the Pro Tech THRUST at Lovehoney

Tenga Flip Orb Review

The latest version in the famous Tenga Flip series of ‘flip open’ unrivalled male masturbators.

Tenga Flip Orb Orange Crash

Tenga Flip Orb Orange Crash

Tenga revolutionized the male sex toy market a decade or so ago with the Tenga Flip Hole. An intricately ribbed and nubbed male masturbator which could squeeze and suck your penis with no electrical power needed – just the soft touch of one of several buttons on the side, and the clever use of vacuum pressure would achieve the desired effect. But perhaps the defining feature of the Flip Hole, and what what gave it its name, was the unique way it was divided into two halves which allowed you to flip it open. This had the advantage above all of making it super easy to both lubricate and clean.

The original Flip Hole has gone through several new iterations and variations, and this is the latest formulation of the tried and tested model. The key difference and ‘upgrade’ of this new ‘Flip Orb’ is that ten super strong orbs – five in each half of the toy – have been placed inside the textured soft and squishy jelly like material of the sleeve. The effect is as intense and exquisite as you would hope from a Tenga designed toy. Take a look at the inside of the Flip Orb Orange Crash in the photo below.

inside of the Tenga Flip Orb Orange Crush

Shop for the Tenga Flip Orb Orange Crash at Lovehoney

And here is a really clear info video on the Tenga Flip Orb, both the Orange Crash (above) and its sister the Tenga Flip Orb Blue Rush. The difference between the two is essentially that surrounding the orbs in the Orange Crash is a more noduled texture, while in the Blue Rush, it is a ribbed design.

Pros of the Tenga Flip Orb

  • One of the best male masturbators just got better!
  • The inclusion of hard orbs makes the sensations even more intense
  • As easy to operate, lubricate, and clean as the other Flip Holes
  • Amazing value at just $79

Final Review Rating and Verdict

Another great addition to the Flip Hole range from Tenga. Their most stylish, ergonomic, and intense Flip Hole yet, and also the cheapest and best value for money!

5 out of 5 score

Shop for the Tenga Flip Orb at Lovehoney

Lovehoney Ignite Review

Exciting new portable mini male vibrator from Lovehoney.

Lovehoney Ignite 2 Mini Male Vibrator

LoveHoney Ignite Mini Male Vibrator

Male masturbators are becoming increasingly, smaller, lighter, more portable, more sophisticated, and despite all this, cheaper too. No type of male sex toy exemplifies this trend than male vibrators. Not so long ago and portable male vibrators consisted of a cheap sleeve with a bullet vibrator crudely inserted. This exiting new vibrator for men from Lovhoney, costs just $39 and comes with 20 different vibration functions. It’s as portable and discreet as it looks – fitting in the palm of the hand, it’s easy to grip and responsive enough to allow you to gently increase or decrease the grip with the merest of squeezes.

It’s open-ended design means it’s super easy to clean too. The perfect companion for travel excursions, or simply to keep discreetly in your bedside drawer, to slip out of its pouch whenever you need it.

Shop for the Lovehoney Ignite at Lovehoney

Pros of the Lovehoney Ignite

  • Portable, discreet, and easy to use and clean
  • Three vibration speeds and 17 different functions
  • Lightly ribbed and squeezable for intense sensations
  • Quiet and a long-life rechargeable battery
  • Great value for money at $29

Final Review Rating and Verdict

One of the most exciting and best received new male toys from Lovehoney, this definitely goes straight to the top of the category for affordable and portable male vibrators.

5 out of 5 score

Shop for the Lovehoney Ignite at Lovehoney

Lovense Max 2 Review

A revolutionary internet connected male masturbator that allows long-distance sex.

Max 2 Wireless Internet Male Masturbator

Lovense Max 2

A revolutionary internet connected male masturbator from Lovense – the pioneering sex toy company that has enable couples in long-distance relationships to experience a form of sex through internet controlled (haptic) vibrators and masturbators. This new category of high-tech sex toys used for remote sex is known as teledildonics.

The Max 2 is the second generation of Lovense’s flagship male masturbator, and can be paired with their premium female haptic vibrator – the Nora – for remote sex between couples. As you might expect, it’s not only couples who are taking advantage of the possibilities and a growing number of live webcam performers are teasing their fans with the offer of virtual sex through the toys.

And actually, like other haptic (internet connected) masturbators, you don’t need to have a partner or a webcam girl to make use of the Max 2. The toy can be synched to VR porn, whether recorded material, or digital 3D VR games (and Lovense offers such a VR 3D game that has been designed specifically for owners of the Max 2.

Finally, the Max 2 can be used simply as a solo male masturbator in its own right. You can still operate it through your smartphone. And as a ‘basic’ masturbator, it’s still a work of genius. With a highly intricate ribbed and textured sleeve that employs air pressure to create a 360 degree contraction effect, the intensity of which can be controlled by the user (and remotely online for anyone with the smartphone app and access to your Max).

As well as the contraction, your strokes are further stimulated by a vibrator positioned alongside the sleeve close to the middle, and extending a little less than half the length of the sleeve.

The Max 2 has two sleeves to use, a clear, highly ribbed and textured sleeve, and a more traditional Fleshlight type vagina sleeve.

Shop for the Max 2 at Lovense

Pros of the Lovense Max 2

  • Air pressure controlled vibrating male masturbator
  • Control via a smartphone app. Allow a partner or webcam girl to control it remotely!
  • Can be synched to VR porn or games
  • Intricately ribbed and textured sleeve
  • Can be used in conjunction with a Lovense vibrator for long-distance love

Final Review Rating and Verdict

A super high-tech masturbator that is as good as anything for use as a long-distance sex toy for couples. For solo use it works great paired with VR porn and for ‘remote sex’ with webcam performers equipped with the required app. 5/5 out as a toy for remote sex, 4/5 for a solo masturbator unconnected to the internet.

five out of five

Shop for the Max 2 at Lovense

Sasha Grey Fake Pussy Review

The hot pussy of one of the adult world’s most famous and desirable performers is now yours and yours to fuck and fuck again, when you own her replica textured vagina.

Sasha Grey Main Squeeze Textured Vagina

Sasha Grey vagina masturbator

One of the most famous pornstars in the world again offers her sweet pussy for sale, with another branded masturbator that claims to let you get inside Sasha Grey like never before. The most interesting feature of this toy is the screw cap suction pressure adjuster at the end of the masturbator. Of course, this has been tried on other notable sex toys of late too, including the Fleshlight, and has been proven to be popular, but it works particularly well here.

The actual inner sleeve appears to have been well designed to combine with the suction pressure too, with a large tapered chamber to maximize the effect. It’s also easy to use, with a squeezable grip making it a breeze to alter the suction level even mid-stroke.

It looks stylish and as high quality as it feels, so not a cheap Fleshlight immitator at all but rather a worthy alternative (or complement) worthy of considering, especially at the price – $59 – which is $10-20 cheaper than most Fleshlights.

Shop for the Sasha Grey Vagina at LoveHoney

Pros of the Sasha Grey Main Squeeze

  • Made to look and feel just like the pussy of the famous Sasha Grey
  • Airtight end cap allows you to adjust suction pressure
  • Squeezable grip makes it easy to adjust tightness
  • High quality affordable alternative to Fleshlight
  • Very easy to clean

Final Review Rating for the Sasha Grey Main Squeeze Masturbator

If you’re looking for a high quality novel alternative to a Fleshlight, then this Sasha Grey branded masturbator might be worth looking at. Popular with customers, it is remarkably easy to adjust tightness during use, even with each stroke, thanks to the screw cap adjusted suction feature.

five out of five

Shop for the Sasha Grey Vagina at LoveHoney

Control Male Vibrator Review

A tight fitting, snug male vibrator with a ribbed, self-heating inner sleeve.

Control Vibrating Warming Male Masturbator

Control Male Masturbator

This luxury male vibrator from Control is a bit different from most on the market. It does have quite a tight fit, which might be too tight for larger men. But it does have the advantage that for most of us, it will fit snugly around the full length of our cocks. So unlike other vibrators for men such as the Cobra Libra, where you move the toy around your penis head in much the same way a woman uses a vibrator on her clit, or the Tenga Zero Vibrating Fliphole, which is really a stroker with vibration, you can really just slide your dick into this and simply play around with the amazing variety of vibration modes.

You don’t have to thrust or move your penis around very much, just select from the TEN different vibration modes of the TWO independent vibrating motors, both of which can complement each other (so essentially you have 10 x 10 = 100 different patterns, pulses, and intensities to play with!).

This fully re-chargeable toy has also been marketed by Control as a potential aid for men suffering from erectile dysfunction. It’s easy to see how it could theoretically help in that regard, being a toy that doesn’t require any thrusting, but rather relying on the endless variety of vibration modes to get you hard and bring you off.

Shop for the Control Male Vibrator at Love Honey

Pros of Control Male Vibrating Masturbator

  • Luxury male vibrator with self-warming, ribbed sleeve
  • Two independent vibrating motors with ten fuctions each
  • Quick fire tubo button puts power to max when you near climax
  • Very well received by customers and male sex toy reviewers
  • Has been designed so that it may help with erectile dysfunction
  • Fully rechargeable

Final Review Rating and Verdict

A versatile and powerful male vibrator that should completely engorge your penis in a tight fit, with so many patterns of vibration to bring you to climax! 4/5

four out of five

Shop for the Control Male Vibrator at Love Honey

Rotating Masturbator Review

A powerful and intense male masturbator that both sucks and rotates.

Eden Fantasys Rotating Male Masturbator

rotating masturbator

Male masturbators that rotate around the shaft and head of your cock have been popping up quite regularly over the few years, the best example being the now discontinued REV1000, but this simply named ‘Rotating Masturbator’ from Eden Fantasys, might be the first that actually not only rotates around your penis, but slides up and down it at the same time.

The opening of the masturbator resembles vaginal lips, but the up and down sliding motion is marketed as a blowjob like sensation. As the sleeve slides up and down your cock, soft ‘ticklers’ spin at speed around it simultaneously.

Both the spin and the ‘sucking’ are fast, powerful, and intense – perhaps too intense for some, although there are four speed levels. It will also help if you put a little bit extra lube in than you would normally for a masturbator.

This masturbator is big, and weighs over a pound, but due to it’s intelligent and ergonomic design, it’s easy and comfortable to handle.

Shop for the Rotating Masturbator at Eden Fantasys

Pros of the Rotating Male Masturbator

  • Rotating masturbator that sucks as well as spins
  • Powerful and intense
  • Easy to handle and operate despite size and power
  • A must buy for fans of rotating/spinning masturbators

Cons of the Rotating Male Masturbator

  • EXTREMELY powerful and intense
  • Rotating masturbators are not for everybody
  • Cleaning it can take a couple of minutes

Final Review Rating and Verdict

A unique and powerful masturbator that is surely now the king of rotating male sex toys. However, not everybody enjoys the spinning sensation of these kind of masturbators, especially those with very sensitive penises. But if your dick can handle it, you will be in heaven with this! 4/5

four out of five

Shop for the Rotating Masturbator at Eden Fantasys