Lovense Calor Review

Self-heating haptic male masturbator for VR porn and remote sex, includes high-tech ‘depth sensor’.

Lovense CalorCalor is the latest male masturbator from high-tech sex toy company Lovense. Best known for their popular haptic sex toy for men, the Max/Max2, this new masturbator is also a remote sex toy. Not only remote sex though, also can be synchronized with virtual reality porn movies. In fact, one of its selling points is that, straight out of the box, it comes compatible with over 600 VR porn videos at SexLikeReal – one of the top VR porn sites.

It’s design deviates quite a bit from the Max brand too. It’s been specifically designed for portability. This is the VR porn toy you can take with you anywhere. It’s smaller than the Max, and its silicone casing has a cap at the end, easily removed to enable your penis to slide in when you have the urge. Despite its simplicity and portability, it has a couple of rather advanced features that truly set it apart from both the Max, and most other such virtual sex toys. Firstly, it has a self-heating feature, so the sex is even more realistic. Secondly, it has a ‘depth sensor’, which can gauge how far your penis is inside it, and adjust vibrations and pressure accordingly.

You can enjoy a huge number of different preset vibration ‘patterns’, as well as create and store up to ten of your own.

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Pros of The Lovense Calor

  • The most discreet and portable virtual sex toy yet.
  • Self-heating adds another element to the immersive experience of virtual sex.
  • Comes synchronized with over 600 VR porn movies.
  • Unique ‘depth sensor’ means it can tell when you are fucking it balls deep!

Final Review Rating and Verdict

Calor is an exciting new affordable haptic sex toy that is great as a compact and portable male masturbator, but an essential purchase for VR porn fans wishing to take their experiences to another level of immersion.

5 out of 5 score

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The Handy Review

Advanced automatic male masturbator that also synchs with VR porn and for remote sex.

The Handy The Handy is one of the most well received new male sex toys of the last couple of years. Particularly well reviewed for its performance as a VR porn toy, the Handy is also a highly rated and satisfying automatic male masturbator for straightforward solo masturbation. The advanced haptic technology also allows for sex with webcam girls or other remote sex partners.

The first thing that sets apart the Handy from most of its rivals, is the variety of settings you can play around with for an almost endless variety of fun. The toy delivers from 0-10 strokes per second, and varieties of up to 4.5″ (11cm) each stroke, with a diameter of the sleeve from 0.5-3″ (1-7cm).

Secondly, you can use ‘scripts’ to pre-program a masturbation session. What’s really exciting about this is that these scripts can be synched with any porn videos including virtual reality porn. You can download scripts (free or purchased) for thousands of videos, both 2D and VR. Or you can create your own scripts to synch with your favorite videos, or for simply a pre-determined masturbation session.

The Handy is a Norwegian produced male sex toy, with the sleek and style look and feel you’d expect from a Scandinavian designed masturbator. The actual masturbation sleeve is attached to the main body of the toy, which means that it’s probably the easiest high-tech male sex toy to clean.

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Pros of The Handy Male Masturbator

  • Advanced haptic tech for the best interactive and VR porn toy
  • Superior design from a Scandinavian company
  • Even as a standard automatic masturbator provides endless variety
  • Can be synched to any porn video, both 2D and virtual reality
  • Use with VR porn has been claimed to be close to and even better than real sex
  • Very simple to clean
  • Final Review Rating and Verdict

    An exciting new haptic masturbator that takes the VR porn experience to a whole new level. The best masturbator for synching with any kind of porn, it’s also one of the best male sex toys for versatile solo masturbation.

    5 out of 5 score

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Lovense Max 2 Review

A revolutionary internet connected male masturbator that allows long-distance sex.

Max 2 Wireless Internet Male Masturbator

Lovense Max 2

A revolutionary internet connected male masturbator from Lovense – the pioneering sex toy company that has enable couples in long-distance relationships to experience a form of sex through internet controlled (haptic) vibrators and masturbators. This new category of high-tech sex toys used for remote sex is known as teledildonics.

The Max 2 is the second generation of Lovense’s flagship male masturbator, and can be paired with their premium female haptic vibrator – the Nora – for remote sex between couples. As you might expect, it’s not only couples who are taking advantage of the possibilities and a growing number of live webcam performers are teasing their fans with the offer of virtual sex through the toys.

And actually, like other haptic (internet connected) masturbators, you don’t need to have a partner or a webcam girl to make use of the Max 2. The toy can be synched to VR porn, whether recorded material, or digital 3D VR games (and Lovense offers such a VR 3D game that has been designed specifically for owners of the Max 2.

Finally, the Max 2 can be used simply as a solo male masturbator in its own right. You can still operate it through your smartphone. And as a ‘basic’ masturbator, it’s still a work of genius. With a highly intricate ribbed and textured sleeve that employs air pressure to create a 360 degree contraction effect, the intensity of which can be controlled by the user (and remotely online for anyone with the smartphone app and access to your Max).

As well as the contraction, your strokes are further stimulated by a vibrator positioned alongside the sleeve close to the middle, and extending a little less than half the length of the sleeve.

The Max 2 has two sleeves to use, a clear, highly ribbed and textured sleeve, and a more traditional Fleshlight type vagina sleeve.

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Pros of the Lovense Max 2

  • Air pressure controlled vibrating male masturbator
  • Control via a smartphone app. Allow a partner or webcam girl to control it remotely!
  • Can be synched to VR porn or games
  • Intricately ribbed and textured sleeve
  • Can be used in conjunction with a Lovense vibrator for long-distance love

Final Review Rating and Verdict

A super high-tech masturbator that is as good as anything for use as a long-distance sex toy for couples. For solo use it works great paired with VR porn and for ‘remote sex’ with webcam performers equipped with the required app. 5/5 out as a toy for remote sex, 4/5 for a solo masturbator unconnected to the internet.

five out of five

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Kiiroo TITAN Male Vibrator Review

Handjobs will never be the same with this new interactive haptic vibrator for men from Kiiroo.

Kiiroo TITAN Interactive Male Vibrator

Kiiroo Titan vibrator for men

This incredibly powerful new male male vibrator from Kiiroo is not only one of the most advanced stand alone masturbators in the world, it is a cutting edge haptic sex toy. This means that it can be used for virtual sex with a remote partner, or synched to the actions of pornstars in recorded videos.

So long as a partner, lover, or even live webcam performer, has the complimentary Kiiroo device and the same requisite smartphone app, then distance never again has to be a barrier for passionate sex. This might be the most realistic haptic masturbator yet from the world’s leading haptic sex toy company.

As stated above, it can also be used simply as an old fashioned male stroker/vibrator, albeit that one is the most advanced in the world with multiple patterns of speeds and vibrations that are easy to operate at the touch of a button.

The TITAN is, of course, fully rechargeable, although it is not waterproof.

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Pros of the Kiiroo TITAN

  • Synch with an app on your phone to enable remote haptic sex with a partner or lover
  • A powerful male masturbator with NINE motors
  • Multiple speeds and patterns
  • 8 1/2 inches insertable length sleeve should satisfy most men

Final Review Rating for the Kiiroo TITAN Male Vibrator

A cutting edge haptic masturbator that opens up the possibilities of real virtual sex like never before.

five out of five

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