Arcwave Voy Review

The Arcwave Voy is an ultra-compact masturbator, utilizing clever design and superior material for a premium experience that you can take with you anywhere.

Arcwave Voy compact male stroker

The German based company behind the famous female sex toys the Womanizer, and the We-Vibe, recently entered the male masturbator market, and had an immediate hit with the Arcwave Ion. Now they’ve launched a lower end product, aiming to find a home in the compact and portable male stroker niche. Although their new toy is cheaper and simplere than their last, it’s still packed with some innovative tech.

The Arcwave Voy utilizes a ‘Tightness Adjustment System’, that targets particularly sensitive spots on the skin of the penis head. In terms of adjusting the tightness of the toy during masturbation, it might just be the easiest to use in the heat of battle of any stroker that I have reviewed. Twisting through 8 different tightness levels is easy as pie.

The second stand out feature of the Arcwave Voy is its superior premium quality silicone, that truly does feel like delicious silk rubbing against your penis. The ultra-smooth, non-porous nature of the silicone also has the further benefit of making the toy exceptionally eay to clean. Something that is aided by the fact that the toy has ventilation chambers built into it, to enable quick drying.

Compact and easy to clean, the Arcwave Voy is also highly discreet. No need to worry about this being spotted in your luggage, as it looks far more like an SLR camera lens, than it does a male masturbator. You could probably rest this on your hotel desk, and the cleaners wouldn’t suspect a thing. This is truly a contender for the perfect travelling male sex toy.

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Pros of The Arcwave Voy

  • Simple to twist to tighten the masturbator into 8 different settings.
  • Silicone is as smooth and silky to the touch as any current male masturbator.
  • Ultra-compact design, and its ‘camera lens’ design makes it highly discreet.
  • Non-porous silicone and built in ventilation for easy cleaning and drying.

Final Review Rating and Verdict

Wow Tech have hit the mark again with the Arcwave Voy. It’s the perfect sex toy for a man on the move, who wants something compact, portable, discreet, easy to clean, and of course, that does the job of delivering a premium masturbation experience.

5 out of 5 score

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Lovense Calor Review

Self-heating haptic male masturbator for VR porn and remote sex, includes high-tech ‘depth sensor’.

Lovense CalorCalor is the latest male masturbator from high-tech sex toy company Lovense. Best known for their popular haptic sex toy for men, the Max/Max2, this new masturbator is also a remote sex toy. Not only remote sex though, also can be synchronized with virtual reality porn movies. In fact, one of its selling points is that, straight out of the box, it comes compatible with over 600 VR porn videos at SexLikeReal – one of the top VR porn sites.

It’s design deviates quite a bit from the Max brand too. It’s been specifically designed for portability. This is the VR porn toy you can take with you anywhere. It’s smaller than the Max, and its silicone casing has a cap at the end, easily removed to enable your penis to slide in when you have the urge. Despite its simplicity and portability, it has a couple of rather advanced features that truly set it apart from both the Max, and most other such virtual sex toys. Firstly, it has a self-heating feature, so the sex is even more realistic. Secondly, it has a ‘depth sensor’, which can gauge how far your penis is inside it, and adjust vibrations and pressure accordingly.

You can enjoy a huge number of different preset vibration ‘patterns’, as well as create and store up to ten of your own.

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Pros of The Lovense Calor

  • The most discreet and portable virtual sex toy yet.
  • Self-heating adds another element to the immersive experience of virtual sex.
  • Comes synchronized with over 600 VR porn movies.
  • Unique ‘depth sensor’ means it can tell when you are fucking it balls deep!

Final Review Rating and Verdict

Calor is an exciting new affordable haptic sex toy that is great as a compact and portable male masturbator, but an essential purchase for VR porn fans wishing to take their experiences to another level of immersion.

5 out of 5 score

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Lovehoney Ignite Review

Exciting new portable mini male vibrator from Lovehoney.

Lovehoney Ignite 2 Mini Male Vibrator

LoveHoney Ignite Mini Male Vibrator

Male masturbators are becoming increasingly, smaller, lighter, more portable, more sophisticated, and despite all this, cheaper too. No type of male sex toy exemplifies this trend than male vibrators. Not so long ago and portable male vibrators consisted of a cheap sleeve with a bullet vibrator crudely inserted. This exiting new vibrator for men from Lovhoney, costs just $39 and comes with 20 different vibration functions. It’s as portable and discreet as it looks – fitting in the palm of the hand, it’s easy to grip and responsive enough to allow you to gently increase or decrease the grip with the merest of squeezes.

It’s open-ended design means it’s super easy to clean too. The perfect companion for travel excursions, or simply to keep discreetly in your bedside drawer, to slip out of its pouch whenever you need it.

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Pros of the Lovehoney Ignite

  • Portable, discreet, and easy to use and clean
  • Three vibration speeds and 17 different functions
  • Lightly ribbed and squeezable for intense sensations
  • Quiet and a long-life rechargeable battery
  • Great value for money at $29

Final Review Rating and Verdict

One of the most exciting and best received new male toys from Lovehoney, this definitely goes straight to the top of the category for affordable and portable male vibrators.

5 out of 5 score

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Fleshlight Quickshot Boost Review

A compact, open-ended version of the world’s most popular male masturbator – the Fleshlight.

Fleshlight Quickshot Boost Compact

Fleshlight Boost Compact>>Shop for the Fleshlight Boost Compact at LoveHoney<<

Fleshlight arguably made their name by creating the world’s first high quality portable and discreet male masturbator. Now they’ve set out to make something that’s even more convenient to take on weekend hotel trips. The Fleshlight Quickshot Boost is a highly compact variation on their brand, with an open-ended design meaning it’s a breeze to clean, while retaining the famous style casing.

The highly textured, ridged and nodule covered inner sleeve is as complex and satisfying as anything Fleshlight have produced. The texture design is asymetrical, so you get something of a different experience depending on which end you slide over your penis first.

That said, the very compact nature of the masturbator means it wont cover the length of your penis, so not so suitable for hands free penetrative masturbation.

Pros of the Fleshlight Quickshot Boost

  • The most compact and discreet Fleshlight yet!
  • Wonderfully easy to clean
  • Intricately nubbed and ridged inner sleeve chambers
  • The price – $39 for a Fleshlight!

Cons of the Fleshlight Quickshot Boost

  • Short in length
  • Final Review Verdict and Rating

    Fleshlight have produced the ultimate compact and discreet travel handy male masturbator. 4/5

    four out of five