LG-115C Male Masturbation Cup Review

An automatic blowjob machine and male vibrator in one!

LG-115C Vibrating Blowjob Male Massager

10 speed blowjob vibrating toy for menThe LG-115C, also known simply as ‘Male Masturbation Cup’, is a very cheaply priced vibrating blowjob toy that promises to provide a very powerful bang for the buck. Namely, it claims to be more than simply a vibrating blowjob toy, but a vibrating automatic sucking toy. Does it deliver?

The LC-115C boasts 10 different settings, with five for the sucking/blowjob aspect, and five for the vibrations. Each setting does feel distinct, and it’s certainly possible to have a very varied masturbation session with this toy, starting with some soft vibrations and/or gentle ‘sucks’, and ending with the thing on full power and guaranteed to drain your balls of all available content.

The sucking motion isn’t bad, but don’t expect a huge effect. The motors in the toy do actually visibly propel the masturbation sleeve up and down your cock (a little). I would say the sucking effect is similar to the much more famous and expensive Autoblow, but with the advantage of it being a lot quieter, and of course with a vibration feature. And to be honest, it’s the male vibrator aspect of this toy that works the best. In fact, it worked so well for me, I would rate this toy as the best value male vibrator on the market currently, even without the ‘blowjob’ function, which really should be seen as an added feature.

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Pros Of The LG-115C

  • A powerful and quiet male vibrator, astonishing value under $40
  • Automatic sucking feature as effective as blowjob toys twice the price
  • Ten different settings for a great and varied masturbation fun
  • Nicely packaged and received within day from BestVibe

Final Review Rating for the LG-115C Vibrating Blowjob Toy

A powerful, yet quiet vibrating male masturbator at a very reasonable price, especially given it is also a (fairly) effective blowjob machine too!

5 out of 5 score

Shop for the LG-115C Blowjob Masturbator at BestVibe